Article Writing for Adsense Registration

Article Writing for Adsense Registration, – Talking about registering a blog for a google adsense account is actually arguably easy-easy difficult, many bloggers who register once are immediately accepted, but many also register up to many times but are not accepted even though there are many visitors, the admin’s own experience here also has to be many times to be accepted by google adsense.

According to the title of the article above, friend, this time we will discuss how to write articles so that when we register our blog to Google Adsense is not rejected many times, so that we immediately become a publicist and monetize our blog.

1. Original content

The main requirement for our blog to be accepted by google adsense is with original content, the meaning here is that the content is your own creation or it can also be called not copying from other blogs. so for all of you, please create your own original content, make it as good as possible, as interesting as possible, and as complete as possible, position yourself as google adsense, suppose there is a blog that signs up to you with what content it is and has no quality, would you accept? of course the answer is no, because you are looking for quality, so is google adsense.

Indeed, to find good and original content is difficult, but once you find it then it will be the hallmark of your blog itself. And for all of you, write something useful for others so that indirectly we become useful to others.

2. Content

The content that admin means besides useful writing is the composition of your article, which is in the form of writing, images, or other supporting elements. For writing, please create an article with a minimum of 500 words or more, ideally for an article with 500 words there are only 4 supporting elements in the form of images, animations, or videos, if in all your articles there are too many images then it is certain that you will not be accepted by Google Adsense.

In a website or blog, we present our work in the form of writing while images, animations, or videos are only supporting elements to clarify our writing, the most important thing is the writing of friends, but it is also not permissible if in our article only writing, why is that?, you are a reader, if all you read is writing, of course you don’t feel comfortable reading it for long.

So ideally for articles that contain brief explanations with a word count of 500, the admin recommends using a composition like this.

1 image for the beginning of your article.
2 supporting images for your article.
1 supporting animation / video.

3. Following google TOS

This is what needs to be considered, when you write an article, please pay attention to this, especially the most sensitive thing is the issue of copyright or copyright, in the Google TOS you are prohibited from distributing anything copyrighted such as games, movies, applications, etc., or indirectly you cannot write about downloads that can be in the form of downloading games, applications, movies, or others without the permission of the person concerned. In addition, avoid writing related to piracy of applications, games, cracks, etc.

In the process of submitting a blog for an adsense account must pass the review stage, if you write about something that violates Google’s TOS, then Google Adsense will know and you will be rejected as their publisher.

Well that’s all this post, hopefully useful, if you have other experiences please write in the comments column, so that it is useful for others.

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