How to Get Your Blog Articles Read by People– Many people are lazy to write articles, let alone create a blog because they are not sure whether the articles they write are read or not. It’s true, at first I felt that way too. In fact, I have long wanted to have my own blog. But yes, I’m not sure whether people will read my blog or not.

It’s in the nature of the article to be read. Because the purpose of the article is to convey the author’s message to the reader. So what if the article is made no one reads it? Of course it’s useless, just a waste of time and energy.

Writing articles can be fun if every time we write, many people read it. So that the message you want to convey can reach the reader. And to make sure your blog articles are read by others, there are a few simple ways that I recommend. And it has been proven effective, the proof is that right now you are reading this article of mine Curious right?

Write articles with topics and themes that you master. Because if you have mastered the topic you are going to write about, you will save a lot of time. Because you know very well the ins and outs of the problem. You also don’t have to bother doing research before writing. Your article will be lively and won’t be boring.

Don’t try to write about a topic that you don’t know at all because it’s useless, it’s a waste of time and energy and you’ll definitely get caught. Especially if it’s a topic you don’t like. For example, if you write about soccer and you don’t like soccer and have never watched or read anything about soccer, you can imagine what your writing will be like. It will be boring and inconsequential.
Make an interesting title. A unique title can provoke people’s curiosity to read the content of the article. Up to this point, you’ve been half successful in making people want to read your article. The next step depends on the content of your article.

Write about a topic that is being talked about or that is being searched for by many people.

Try to make short paragraphs with short sentences only. It doesn’t matter if in one paragraph there is only one sentence or even just one word. Because long sentences have the potential to confuse readers. And long paragraphs also make it difficult for readers to follow each line of the sentence they read. This makes them lazy to continue reading it.

Use numbering or bullets to separate each point in the article. It is usually useful for articles that discuss tips, ways, steps and the like. With numbering or bullets readers will be more focused on following your tips and easier to remember.

Attach images if needed. The right picture as an illustration of the article can arouse the reader’s imagination to go deeper into your writing.

Writing good, unique and interesting articles is difficult. To be able to do so we must often practice writing. The methods above can be used to maintain your writing mood. Because I’m sure you are quite happy if your article is read by others. It can make you addicted to writing. And if you are addicted to writing articles, your writing skills will automatically be honed, increasing in quality every day.

For now that’s all I can tell you. Actually there are still many other ways to make your blog articles read by people, one of which is by bringing visitors to your blog. For this method I will discuss specifically next time.

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