PT Vale Introduces Co-Ops Program to Attract the Best Young Talents from Unhas

FRASI.BIZ – PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Vale) is a home for the best young talents to develop themselves and enhance their skills for the real working world. In line with their commitment and the agreed collaboration between PT Vale Indonesia Tbk and Hasanuddin University, a Co-Ops program was implemented, allowing students from Unhas to undergo fieldwork internships for up to six months.

Following a rigorous selection process by Hasanuddin University, the next step involved a selection by PT Vale, which included interviews with 30 selected students. This took place at the Hasanuddin University Research and Community Service Institution (LPPM) building on Wednesday, October 18.

Gustaf Ganna Songgo, Head of People and Culture at PT Vale Indonesia, explained that during a day of interviews, they were not just testing the students. PT Vale also received valuable feedback and new ideas from the young talents of Hasanuddin University.

“They provided a lot of critique, opinions, and ideas about what PT Vale can do to improve. We are optimistic that they will be able to help our company become even better. Moreover, these students were initially selected by Hasanuddin University from a pool of 167 candidates,” he clarified.

He further explained that 30 participants received invitations, but two were unable to attend. Out of the remaining 28, nine or 32 percent were local talents from East Luwu who are studying at Unhas.

“What’s interesting is that approximately 53 percent of the students we interviewed were female talents,” Gustaf added.

From these 30 students, Vale will select the best 10 for the internship. These internships, much like regular fieldwork internships, will be accompanied by experienced mentors and will involve working on projects that can aid their learning process. Additionally, they will be guided by two lecturers from Hasanuddin University.

Ragil Savitry, Senior Manager of Talent Management at PT Vale, added that the selection of these 10 students was based on PT Vale’s specific workforce needs in several units or departments.

“The students we tested are from various fields, including Mining Engineering, Geology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Psychology,” explained Ragil Savitry.

The Co-Ops program is part of PT Vale’s roadshow at Hasanuddin University. This marks the renewal of collaboration between Hasanuddin University and PT Vale after a hiatus of approximately ten years.

“We are re-establishing this Co-Ops collaboration because we realize that the Co-Ops programs held around the 2000s brought many benefits. Some of the alumni from that time are now permanent employees of PT Vale,” explained Ilham Alimuddin, Vice Chairman of the Co-Ops Team at Hasanuddin University.

According to Ilham Alimuddin, this collaboration benefits both parties. “Hasanuddin University can learn from the industrial company, and PT Vale can receive input from academics,” he said.

He gave an example of the initial collaboration with Vale several years ago when he, with expertise in geography, played a role in building a database. “So, this Co-Ops program is very beneficial because almost 90 percent of the participants who went through the program back then were absorbed by INCO (PT Vale),” he revealed.

To support Vale’s operational activities, Hasanuddin University sends the best students from the required departments for selection.

“Many students applied, more than 150 people, and they were screened by the Co-Ops team at Hasanuddin University. Then we selected 30 students,” he added.

He also praised PT Vale for not only providing job opportunities for students but also offering scholarships and corporate social responsibility (CSR) support.

One of the participants, Alya Azzura, a Psychology major, expressed her excitement at the opportunity to participate in the fieldwork internship selection at PT Vale Indonesia.

“I hope to gain a lot of experience from this activity. My discipline is in the field of Psychology, which is different from PT Vale’s focus on mining,” she said. (*)

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